Age: 6 years

Gender: Male

Size: Small

Location: Serbia - Ready to travel to the UK

Such a tragic start to this lovely boy. Separated from his mother when he was only 20 days old and thrown out on the street. For days, children dragged him down the street, and in the evening, they would lock him in a cage for rabbits without food and water. It lasted 4-5 days before he was finally rescued and the start of his new life began although it was touch and go for a long time as he was so poorly. He lived with his rescuer and her cats with Melena (also up for adoption) until sadly his rescuer passed away. He recently recovered from heartworm. He is now at the shelter where he potters during the day with other dogs and sleeps inside at night. Previously walked on lead and clean in the house. Cat friendly and used to being around children 7 years upwards. Approx. 45cms tall weight 10.35kg

  • Cat friendly
  • Can live with children
  • Can live with dogs


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