Age: 12 years

Gender: Male

Size: Medium

Location: Camberley, Surrey

This is Loki. He had an owner who once he got old dumped him in the middle of nowhere. He ended up being caught for 'catch/neuter/release' program but once he was caught, we realised he had a microchip. We thought he simply got lost and contacted the owner but the owner did not want him. Loki is very sweet and loves people and dogs. Despite his senior years, as time goes by while he has been in the UK in his foster home the more agile and younger Loki is becoming. That’s what a good home and food can do! He loves to go for a walk and even runs. Loki is really gentle and loving, he just needs someone who will love him back and who understands that he’s only recently been allowed to live in the house as a family member for the first time in his life. TV fascinates him, washing machine etc it is all new to him. Despite living on a chain for almost his entire life, he's super clean indoors and not destructive at all. He will go through your bin bag if you leave it by the door because he assumes that is where his food is, his foster mum has had words with him about that but not sure he understands that now he's here he will always be fed and fed properly! Loki has various scars on his legs from sleeping on hard surfaces outside during freezing winters (sometimes the temperature falls to below 20) but although they're ugly they don’t cause him any pain. Neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated.

  • Can live with children
  • Can live with dogs


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