Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Size: Small

Location: UK - End of June

9th December 2021: https://www.facebook.com/serbiasforgottenpawspage/photos/a.218543434996719/1874845476033165/
Ralph was hit by a car and left for dead. He stayed there for four days, not moving, waiting for someone to help him or waiting to die.

People passed him by, not necessarily even realising he's injured. They offered him food and carried on with their day.

We were messaged about him (we receive many messages every day), by the time we saw the message, someone had offered to help him so we left it at that.

Three days later, we realised no one had helped him. He was still in the same place where he was when original message came.

We picked him up, took him to the vet where he administered a series of anti-inflammatories.

13th December 2021:
Ralph is up! His legs are still not working perfectly but he's making great progress considering he was left for dead and ignored for 4 days after being hit by a car. He's still staying at the doggy Dr, which continued with anti-inflammatory.

January 2022:
Ralph has made a miraculous recovery. Vet took X-rays which showed no breakages. Vet prognosed the impact inflamed the body which resulted in him not being able to walk. The drugs reduced the inflammation. The vet doesn't think he will have any ongoing issue resulting from the injury. He is now ready to start his rehoming process!

IDEAL HOME: Ralph is a happy very sociable boy that is already house trained. He gets on well with other dogs but would do just as well being the only dog in the home. He is sociable with adults and could be rehomed to a family with children aged 8 years+ as he is prone to jumping up to say hello!

CATS: Ralph has not been cat tested.

HEALTH: Ralph will have a final health check before leaving Serbia. He is around 1- 2 years of age, small in size of unknown mixed breeds. He is fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea, wormed and neutered.

FOSTER: Ralph is currently in Serbian foster home. He climatised to his foster home really quickly, he’s a super sociable, eager to please and an absolute joy. Any new home would be very lucky to be his forever family.

CRITERIA: We adopt our dogs to an area in England within a 3-hour drive of Cobham in Surrey. Any garden must be fully secure and have at least 6 ft boundaries. All our home checks are carried out virtually. If your initial application is successful, we will ask you for proof of ID, a video tour of your home and garden. Lastly, we carry out a video home check call.

If you feel you can offer the right home and you match our criteria, please complete our pre adoption form here: https://serbias-forgotten-paws.com/enquiry and press SEND. Please only apply if you are ready to adopt.

Home check and £400 adoption fee applies plus £25 for the safety harness that we insist all of our dogs are walked on until absolutely settled in their new home.

All of our dogs come with a pet passport, are vet checked before departing and arrive via a DEFRA registered transportation vehicle.

Serbia’s forgotten paws has been operating for over 10 years and has rehomed over 1,200 in the UK.

  • Can live with children
  • Can live with dogs


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We ask each adopter to cover costs of neutering, vaccinating and microchipping of the dog. A home check will be carried out prior to completion of any adoption. Adopt