Sunny (Crni)

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Size: Medium

Location: Bicester, Oxfordshire

Sunny (Cirni) is around 5 years of age. Bit smaller and slighter than a Lab. He has been happy being around children 8 + years, just hasn't met any children younger but we can’t visualise there being any problems. He plays with other dogs or just as happy on his own playing unless he’s snoozing. Originally a street dog, got clipped by a car which damaged his pelvis and leg, he is now mended, although it has left him with one rear leg that he raises up off the floor. His UK foster family say “He is a lovely, perfect dog. “He settled into our lives in a couple of hours and it feels that he has always been with us. He is very patient with our resident dog and gets on very well with her. He has showed no issues around food or toys. He is just a lovely kind happy dog. He is super excited in the morning and need some training to learn to be a bit more patient with that. He tends to shoot out as soon as you open a door. He walks fine on the lead but goes in zigzag so his new owner will need to continue his lead training but a good harness should easily correct that. He is interested in saying “Hello” to other dogs, he is not bothered or nervous about any sounds or his surroundings. He is clean in the house. He saw a cat at close proximity, initially barked but settled quick. When he see’s birds that makes him pretty alert. He only barks when super excited chasing our resident dog. Doesn't bark at all when people knock at the door or when people come to the house. He goes and greets people straightway, very social with people”.

  • Can live with children
  • Can live with dogs


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